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October 2022



Coen at work On the Columbia river Secret camping spot at the beach Seaside Oregon

June 2022

Work: Here's a big thing. We sold the company that I started as a hobby in 2006 🎉 ( I'm currently employed by the acquirer).


  • Short story: How We Won the Demon War - forthcoming from a lovely anthology called Dreams For a Broken World, out November 1st, available for pre-order now!
  • The story On the Sun-lit Side of Venus, was accepted by Apex Magazine 🎉🎉
  • A few friends and I have been playing around with the idea of starting an art collective. More details to come later.
  • Still working away at my weird road novel.


  • My eldest son graduates from high school this Spring. The passage of time is utter crazyness. I'm unbelieveably psyched for him and the adventures he'll have.
  • We keep threatening to open a 'yard bar'... a very informal, but curated, intermittent cocktail hour in our yard. I will definitely keep you posted (sign up for the newsletter below to make sure that happens).

A Few Recent Photos:

blood moon deep in dialogue the world is a tunnel tiny cities

December 2021

Big things in the works, but no major news to report other than:


  • Dispatches from Anarres: Tales in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin - reprinted my short story Birds, first published in Strange Horizons. It's out now and would make a fantastic holiday gift.
  • I turned in a story for a new anthology being edited by Julie Day, should come out next year.
  • Laura Moulton's book continues to sell well!
  • I am still working on a new roadtrip-ish novel (word count ~45k words as of December 1. And another POV character has entered the picture...

Work: Walker Tracker as CTO/Founder

Until next time!

October 2021

This month I'm psyched about Laura Moulton's book debuting Loaners: Making of a Street Library. We have had many conversations about this book over the years and it's a delight to see it in the world. Please check it out.

My novel 'The Disappearance of James Chazky' is with my agent and being shopped.

I am working on a new roadtrip-ish novel (word count ~33k words as of October 1). It's the only first-person novel I've written. It has a distinctive voice, and the work is obsessed with NW Mythology and NW stories, and the everlasting battle between systems, and their parts...

I did an epic trip via tiny motorboat, from Portland, Oregon to the mouth of the Columbia river with my son and a friend, marking my 4th river trip of the year so far. These days, I'm happiest out of the city.

columbia river voyage columbia river voyage columbia river voyage

Work: WT as CTO/Founder

August 2021

The novel 'The Disappearance of James Chazky' is with my agent and being shopped.

I am working on a new road novel and a few short stories.

I'm participating in the awesome Poetry Postcard Festival.

It's Summer, so I'm floating rivers when I can.

Work: WT as CTO/Founder

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