Canadian Group Delivering Water to Detroit to Protest Shutoffs


This is kind of embarrassing. You have American’s who can’t find the heart to help these people so now we have the Canadians coming to the rescue. We are thrilled to spend trillions of dollars in war in other countries to “Help Them” but can’t find the heart to put these people on a payment plan they can afford. “Values”?

Can’t agree more. Make a donation to the Detroit Water Brigade: 

We are a volunteer-led alliance of compassionate citizens of Detroit and their international allies working to bring emergency relief to families facing water shut offs while advocating for an income-based Water Affordability Plan in Detroit.”

Sherwood Nation reviews

Yay! The first reviews for Sherwood Nation are in.

My favorite line from Kirkus:

"…A well-written tale of an American insurgency"  - Kirkus Reviews

Read the full Kirkus review

Michael DeLuca of writes a wonderful review:

Benjamin Parzybok’s Sherwood Nation is the sort of SF novel I’ve been waiting for someone to write, wishing I could write: a near-future utopian political adventure romp thought experiment. By page 50 I was crying and cheering.”

While it’s fresh in your mind, why not, pre-order the book


18 hour time-lapse from my new office in Chinatown in Portland.

It’s a first pass - I’m so-so happy with it, but I think I need a wider-angle lens

State of the Nation

I’m trying to figure out how to work up to doing some self promotion on the upcoming novel, whilst not wanting to simultaneously put a screwdriver in my thigh… I find self promotion hard (having come from a blog I named ‘secret’, to one where I hide behind an invented character’s name, maybe this is no surprise to you). I watch some other authors do it with such grace, and some who leave one desiring to back out of the room. All the same, I spent five years or more on the book, and if there’s something I can do to help it along at this stage, I want to step up to that. Advice on this walking delicate line welcome! In light of that, here’s all the news in one post. 

1) There are TWO Sherwood Nation giveaways now for early reviewer sites:

Goodreads giveaway (only 2 days left!) & LibraryThing

2) I just finished the final copyedits. It’s a thrill to feel the book come into some order. 


3) I will be at ALA (American Library Association’s conference) in Las Vegas, June 28th, doing at least three events: Book signing, Quirky books panel and a reading from a banned book (recommend one of your favorites?). If you’re there, please say Hi.  

4) I have a reading set up at Powell’s City of Books

September 16th, 2014 - Powell’s downtown

I also have a new Events page to keep track of other events as they emerge from the primordial soup.

5) And lastly, the blurbs have arrived and they’re great. I was really touched by this one from Ryan Boudinot:

"As the corner of the country with the youngest cities, the Pacific Northwest is still very much in the process of being invented, and Benjamin Parzybok is one of our most imaginative literary inventors. In Sherwood Nation he gives us a vision of Portland’s rebellious indie spirit that goes deeper than the usual caricatures, revealing a city alive with conflict and possibility. This is playful, serious, and profoundly humanizing art."

- Ryan Boudinot, author of Blueprints of the Afterlife

I built the rabbits an escape portal at the back of their hutch. Sometimes they come back from their adventures down there wearing clothes from the 18th century. Is that normal? High-res

I built the rabbits an escape portal at the back of their hutch. Sometimes they come back from their adventures down there wearing clothes from the 18th century. Is that normal?